Spinner Missile X Electric Free-Flight Rocket

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Spinner Missile X Electric Free-Flight Rocket Description

Style:Missile X The Spinner Missile X EP Rocket is a simple, safe, and convenient way to enjoy hours of fun. Create a personal space program by launching a model rocket into the sky! This unique battery-powered space missile gets its name from the way it ‘spins’ off from the included launch pad on take-off and the ‘X-tra’ power provided by the larger motor and prop. Once flown to heights up to 150 feet, the nose cone opens, and a colorful nylon parachute ejects to provide gentle landings and optimum visibility as the missile descends. Best of all, the Spinner Missile X is powered by a rechargeable battery, so no dangerous materials are used during lift-off or flight. A single battery charge provides up to 40 launches, while the impact-resistant EPP foam missile is made to withstand hundreds of missions! The Spinner Missile X is an RTF (Ready-To-Fly) model rocket, so it comes with everything needed to begin nearly unlimited outdoor launches. Inside the box is an attractively designed rocket with pre-applied graphics, a clear safety propeller that comes attached to the airframe, a convenient USB charger for the pre-installed battery, a brightly colored parachute, and even its own launch pad. Simply charge the Spinner Missile X, find an open outdoor space, and countdown the launch sequence within minutes of opening the box! Features: -Launches up to 150ft! -Made from impact resistant EPP foam for increased durability -Colorful Ripstop nylon parachute assists with visibility and provides gentle landings -Launches with the press of a button -Hi and Lo launch altitude choices, so you can choose missions that best fit your surroundings -Included launch pad and specially designed safety prop eliminate injury worries -Single charge delivers up to 30 flights on Hi power and 40 flights on Low! -USB Charger included Specifications: -Height: 9′ (228mm) -Height on launch pad: 10′ (258mm) -Weight: 1.7 oz. (49g) -Prop: 5 3/4′ weighted (146mm) -Battery: 3.7V 250mAh Lipo battery (non-replaceable) -Charger: 1S 3.7V 500mA USB charger -Charging time: 30 minutes -Launches/Charge: Up to 40 -Flying height: Up to 150ft (30m)

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