Tamiya 1 700 Aircraft Carrier DDV192 Ibuki

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Tamiya 1 700 Aircraft Carrier DDV192 Ibuki Description

Plastic model kit of the Aircraft Carrier Ibuki, a heavy cruiser built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II. DDV192 Ibuki is a fictional aircraft carrier from the comic ‘Kubo Ibuki’ (Aircraft Carrier Ibuki) penned by Kawaguchi Kaiji (with support from Eya Osamu), which was first serialized from the December 2014 issue of Shogakukan publication Big Comic. Kit has single piece waterline hull, detailed superstructure, bridge windows, ships boats and hanger, gangway storage, deck edge elevator, SeaRAM (x2) and Phalanx (x2), catwalks, ski-jump take off ramp, port sponsons, masts and antennas. central deck elevator can be assembled in two positions, blast fences, deployed and flush aircraft blast fences, deck elevator can be assembled in 2 different positions, helicopters with rotors deployed or stowed, aircraft can be assembled parked or engaged, towing tractors, helicopter tow dollies, rescue vehicles. Decals and markings for a single ship – includes flag, hull numbers, deck markings and aircraft insignia.

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