Walthers Trainline Track AMTK Cleaning Car

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Walthers Trainline Track AMTK Cleaning Car Description

Clean track keeps your railroad running smoothly! Keep your rails clean and electrically conductive with this track cleaning boxcar. Simply run this car as part of your train and its mildly abrasive track cleaner pad will polish the railhead for reliable electrical pickup for your locos and lighted cars. Trainline freight cars feature RP-25 metal wheels for superior performance on all kinds of Code 70 and larger HO Scale track. With their added weight and wheel tread matched to National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) standards, wheels on Trainline cars are perfect for every HO railroad. Other features include molded details that stand up to handling during operation, realistic paint schemes for good looks and body-mounted magnetic knuckle couplers for reliable performance.

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